A/B Branded Hermann Oak Side

Price $225.00 to $235.00

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Type: Cow
Style: Branded
Tannage: Veg Tan
Color: Natural
Cut: Side
Sold by: Side (Avg: 22-25 sqft)
Available Weights: 2-3oz, 3-4oz, 4-5oz, 5-6oz, 6-7oz, 7-8oz, 8-9oz, 8-11oz
Hand: Firm

A/B Branded Hermann Oak Side

All the properties of our regular stock natural veg tanned Hermann Oak Leather, only these sides will have a brand to work aroundā€¦ OR incorporate into your project! The base weight is 8-11oz, but can be split, just select the option you'd like above!

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Flynn| 3/15/2024 2:04 pm

This leather ( or what I received ) was so good that I cannot believe SLC has any left! Yes mine had a brand and a few ( very few ) blemishes. This is really the way to go rather than "B" Grade. Just my Two Cents. Thanks SLC!

Very Pleased

Marvin| 7/29/2023 2:26 pm

With the obvious exception of the brand, the side is very clean. If I did not include the brand in a project, which I habitually do, I would lose perhaps a square foot of leather. That would leave me with at least 21 square feet of beautiful leather. Definitely a great value.

About 60% usable

Maxwell| 9/18/2022 10:57 am

I just got through my first side of this, I ordered 2 of the branded HO sides from two different suppliers and they were about the same. I will not buy these again, for A/B grade at best I got 60% utilization. Sides are huge but lots of spots with loose grain or large issues on the face side (Not including the brand, brand was not bad at all. Sides were also very dry , HO is usually pretty dry but this was more so than usual. Tried this because I really like HO but I have not had luck with suppliers lately so will try another tannery. Reference I got the 7/8oz for making holsters and belts, and had to be very selective because loose grain caused molding issues.