Belly Cut Caiman Skins

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Retail $90.00 to $115.00
Type: Caiman
Style: Belly Cut
Tannage: Chrome
Cut: Skin
Sold by: Skin
Color: Brown
Average Size: 32-34cm (Large), 28-30cm (small)
Thickness: 4-5mm
Hand: Medium Soft

Belly Cut Caiman Skins

These highly desirable Caiman Skins have been cut down the back, showcasing the gorgeous belly plates. Tanned for a soft hand and supple feel, and dyed in a rich, almost two-toned brown. These skins have a satin finish resulting in a rich color and sheen. I’ve been told that I need to mention something that many folks are thinking is a flaw in the skin, so I’ll do my best. You will find that every single caiman skin has a hole right at the end of the belly where it meets the tail… THIS IS NOT A FLAW. Caiman skins are a natural product, so you’re gonna have to work around a butthole… I think most of us have had some experience with that! Ha! Regardless of the butthole, these Caimans are sure to make you money! Great for making smaller belts, or piece together with our 6-piece buckle sets! Also perfect for making handbags, clutches, wallet backs, trim, inlay, watchbands, and many other high-end luxury personal leather goods and accessories. Two sizes available!

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