Classic Bisonte

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Type: Bison
Style: Pull-up
Tannage: Chrome
Cut: Side
Sold by: Side
Available Styles: Shrunken (Whiskey, Dark Whiskey), Antique (Matte Brandy, Glazed Brandy, Glazed Espresso)
Average Size: 18-22 sqft
Thickness: 4-5 oz (Antique), 7-8 oz (Shrunken)
Hand: Medium Soft

Classic Bisonte

Who needs Louis Vuitton when you can have Bisonte…

Not sure exactly how we’re enunciating this name, I think we’re saying: Bis-ON-tay. We could go vanilla and call it exactly what it is… Bison, as Rusty suggested, but c’mon, where’s the fancy in that?!

I might get a little over-zealous writing the description for this leather, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it, because our Bisonte line is made up of some of the most beautiful Bison leathers that I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Understand folks, THIS is the original, CLASSIC BISON LEATHER that is used worldwide to create the most beautiful (and expensive) leather goods you’ll ever see!

It’s got a real nice, mellow hand with a feel that almost makes you think you can mold it. The pull-up is out of this world, with phenomenal, contrasting shades that complement each other, and give this leather a luxurious richness that will have people raving! This leather is just so flat-out gorgeous that I’m nearly at a loss for words here… which is practically unheard of! So, you’re just gonna have to buy some, and maybe get a little extra, because once you get this leather in your hands, you’ll wish you had bought more. These are the same leathers that you’d see classic, very, very expensive briefcases, back packs, duffels, totes, lap top carriers, valet trays, and the like made from. Personally, I think this leather is quite pricey… and worth every penny!

Working with leathers of this caliber will convey the sheer quality and sophistication of your products, showing your customers exactly what you’re all about! And that's CLASS! Just imagine how jealous your friends will be seeing you sport that $1500 attaché you just made… hey, with THIS leather, it could happen! So, prepare to take your work to the next level because with Bisonte, greatness awaits!

Two glorious styles to choose from: Antique and Shrunken.

Antique Bisonte: Sides run 18-19 sqft avg. and are 4-5 oz. Two-toned finish that burnishes beautifully!
Glazed Brandy -
This leather has a gorgeous, glazed finish, overlaying a tan base and brown, hand-rubbed rubbed, tipping, giving it a two-toned color and a deepness that you could get lost in!

Matte Brandy -
This is the same as the Brandy, but with more of a subdued finish, not glazed. It’s also not quite as bright as the Brandy, just slightly darker. Quality is superb, and the leather is just wonderful.

Glazed Espresso -
This leather also has a gorgeous, glazed finish, overlaying a medium brown base color with darker brown overtones. Wonderful classic pull-up. This is a leather that defines quality.

Shrunken Bisonte: Sides run 18-21 sqft avg. and are about 7-8 oz. Heavily grained with natural characteristics and a subtle, glazed finish. F
inish that burnishes beautifully!

Whiskey -
This glorious leather has a slightly glazed finish that handsomely overlays the two-tone colors of a darker, reddish brown rubbed over a deep tan base. The pull-up is just amazing, and so is the heavy bison grain which changes throughout the side.

Dark Whiskey -
This is the same leather as our Whiskey Bisonte, only with a rich, dark brown color and not quite as shiny. It has the same fabulous pull-up style, and the same beautifully pronounced, heavy grain that Bison is world renowned for!

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