Black Lining Cowsides

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Black Lining Cowsides

Black Lining Cowsides. 2 - 3 oz. (0.8 - 1.2 mm). Average size is 20 square feet. Sold by the square foot. We WILL cut.

These nice, clean cow sides have been finished in black and have a slight morocco style grain. They’re thin, with good body, and incredible tensile strength which makes them ideal for linings, especially belt and wallet linings! They would also work very well for pockets, dividers, clutch inserts, book covers, some upholstery applications, or whatever other projects that require a strong thin leather.

Item #579-01

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Black Lining Review

Paul S - | 12/22/2023 2:37 pm

While I am nearly always delighted with my SLC purchases, this particular item fell short. The description says 2-3oz but it also says 0.4-0.8mm which is 1-2oz. No big deal just pointing it out. The cut was generous as is ALWAYS the case with SLC and for which I am grateful. The leather itself had a hole dead center and overall was not smooth and creamy as I expected. KEEP IN MNID - this is a review of one piece only 3 square feet. The next piecce just might be magnificent.