Crazy Horse Single Bend - Brown

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Crazy Horse Single Bend - Brown

Water buffalo single bend. 8-9 oz. (3-4mm) 6-12 sq ft average. Sold by the sq ft. We will cut.

Hold your horses! We are absolutely crazy for this leather! So, what’s the big deal? Well, if you’ve ever used Crazy Horse leather, you probably know that it has a stunning pull-up, so when bent or rubbed, a lighter color bursts through, creating an antique effect. In fact, the more you use this leather, the better it looks! Crazy Horse leather has been treated to feel luxurious while maintaining a rustic, aged appearance. Its durability, stiff hand, and appealing pull-up make it a popular choice for projects like belts, messenger bags, briefcase bags, wallets, tablet covers, and more. With its low oil content, the edges burnish beautifully, and glue adheres easily. But wait, we’re still not done with our Crazy Horse craze—on top of all of that, this leather has a pasted back, making it a winner inside and out!

This leather is sold by the square foot. Whatever quantity is chosen at checkout will be the square footage received. Example - order quantity 5, receive a 5 square foot piece.

# 133-88004

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NC Leather (Aaron)| 5/10/2019 11:12 am

I tell you what, if you are looking for a product that is absolutely stunning and can take a beating this is the leather to use! Compared to some of the other bison that is available (I have used 4-5 different color schemes) this is the most dense and is amazing to work with. Some people may experience some softness in the edge when burnishing but as you get towards the belly that is to be expected. I have made this as simple as minimalist wallets with it all the way up to scabbards for rifles and sheaths that house $2000 knives with it and haven't had a single complaint on the final product. One tip for people that haven't used this before is if you are going to be lining it like I do with everything I use it for is to either rough sand the back or scratch it up so that your barge will adhere to it easier. Otherwise because of the waxes etc in it you may not have a solid bond.

Seems short for belts

Forest| 2/15/2017 12:52 am

This was my first time ordering a belt bend, I ordered several other items as well. Got a bit scared when the package arrived because the box was open on one end and only had a few pieces of tape keeping it closed, but everything was there. I ordered 9 square feet, being a first order, and it is shorter than the belt I am currently wearing (34" waist). Being a first order (belt bend and crazy horse) I also don't know if it is normal for the edges to be pulling apart and I am hoping it is just the edges that are factory cut