Special Bag Side Bundle

SKU: 144-935010
Retail: $104.50
Wholesale: $88.28


Improved Selection! This consists of between 40 and 45 ft. of (for the most part), upper line furniture leathers, pebble grains, and classic smooth leathers. This will be leather that the girls here feel would make extremely nice bags, that would perhaps help you to appeal to some people that are looking for a classic handbag as a gift... Majority of the pieces will be in the 9 to 12 sf. avg. range. Nothing but nice leather in these! Please note! Leather bundles are a mix of assorted leathers. The image shown is an example of what leathers we had on hand at the moment for that particular bundle. These leathers change frequently. There will be no guarantee of colors, thicknesses or weights, and the leathers can and will vary greatly from bundle to bundle. Creativity will be the key! Sold as each. Item # 144-935010.

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Beyond expectations!

Pamela| 3/30/2021 2:17 pm

Oh my!! I'm so impressed with what I got. The pieces were large (one appeared to be a side), great colors and quality. You never know what you get and this was beyond expectations. Especially the baby blue stingray. Not sure if it is real or embossed, but so pretty, who cares!! I only wish that there was a way to tell what each piece is so that I could order more. There was a piece of beautiful green marked "Mont Blanc Glass" which I was able to find online. I will definitely order this again!


Chelsie| 5/10/2022 11:15 am

Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of this bundle. Depending on the type of handbags you make, this may work for you. But I felt they were cheap looking- most with a shiny color coated surface, and very floppy. If you need any sort of structure, these won’t work.