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Bulldog Brand. Have you ever tried to glue some oil tanned leather together, waited a while for it to set up just right... only to realize the the oils in the leather prevented your glue from doing what it was supposed to do in the first place... like stick?! Fear not, Kevin has taken the matter into his own hands... and behold, we now have Bulldog Brand Latex Cement! This stuff is just the ticket for gluing oily leathers, and making sure they stick! Great for Famous Horween Chromexcel and Essex leathers, as well as other miscellaneous oil tans and latigos! Non-flammable and safe to use. Available in three quantities. Sold as each. Item #53-271103.

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It stinks--literally, stinks....

Eric - | 10/2/2020 2:45 pm

I wanted to like this, but I can't It stinks--like sewage--and the stink lingers. After 2 days it still stunk. As this was for a purse, it would have made the whole think stink. So I had to toss a sizable piece of leather and the lining leather.... Its not like solvent based glues large Barge or Monarch as those stop smelling after an hour or so. Also, its hard to work with--you get maybe 5 seconds to spread it.