Craftmaster Heavy Duty Oblong Punch - 2"

SKU: 011-312010
Price $64.99


Craftmaster Heavy Duty Oblong Punch

2" (50.8mm)

Hand-forged bag/oblong punches used by professional bag and strap manufacturers.

Before using, the tool will need to be polished to get a good result. 

Tips for polishing: keep a consistent angle along the bevel, pull back slightly as you round the corners so as not to bite too deeply into the edge, and be liberal with your use of buffing compound. 

This tool will get dull with use, so make sure to continue to polish the blade occasionally as you notice performance decreasing.

# 011-312010

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Needs more than polishing

Wayne - | 8/7/2022 6:15 pm

Very low quality for the price. Cutter head angle was not in line with the handle. The grind is very inconsistent and does cut out of the box. The description says it needs polishing, that is incorrect. It was not ground down to a cutting edge, polishing would not have fixed this. The corners were 3/16 thick and the straight edges varied from reasonably sharp to 1/16" thick at points. The only up side is that it is heavy. If you buy this, expect it to require significant work in order for it to be useable.