SP Assorted Earth Tone Oil Tan - Full Side

17 Reviews
SKU: 911-174
Retail: $50.00


$50 Oil Tan Sides

Type: Cow

Style: Oil Tan

Cut: Side

Color: Assorted Browns

Tannage: Chrome

Sold By: Per Side

Size: 18 sf. and up.  

Thickness/Weight: 3 to 6 oz.

Hand: Varies - Medium Soft to Firm

Special Purchase Oil Tans! This is a very assorted mix of “oily” sides, we will pick 1 for you. Some are fairly soft, some are firm. Oil content will vary, some sides are more oily than others, and some seem to be only slightly oiled. There are a wide variety of finishes on these sides and the grain will vary: some may have a pebble grain, though most are smooth. Some have sort of a distressed look, some don’t. Some have a strong pull-up effect, some not so strong… But ALL are a crazy good bargain at this price! The quality is excellent, and minor, healed scratches and scars, even a small hole or two, etc. are to be expected, as these characteristics are indicative of leather being a natural product. Colors are mostly assorted browns and brown tones. There are some lighter colors as well. Sorry folks, there are NO black oil tans included in this offer. The weights vary from 3 to 6 oz. and everything in between! Would work great for work chaps, aprons, tack, straps, saddle strings, and many other applications including wallet/clutch backs, satchels and other bags, personal leather goods such as minimalist wallets, cases, and carriers… the list could go on forever!

***The PICK is OUR CHOICE! We will not be able to accommodate requests; The selection varies with each shipment we receive.

All Special Purchase Items May Have Limited Quantities and are Subject to Availability.

Item #911-174

Ratings & Reviews

17 Reviews

I highly recommend.

Kim| 7/16/2019 2:32 pm

I have bought 2 sides at 2 different times, and was stunned by what I received. The sides were so beautiful. I have paid much more for sides that were not this nice. And they are very large as well. I can cut several large totes, and make some other things with just one side.

Great Leather

Robert| 8/3/2019 9:01 am

This leather was absolutely beautiful and felt amazing. Great leather for the price.

Massive Value!

John Bannister| 8/5/2019 12:39 am

I was a little nervous ordering this Side all the way from New Zealand, However, the side was above and beyond what I am used to receiving for 3 x the price. Shipping was simple, Kim and Rusty took care of everything. These are AMAZING sides for the money! I have just received my 2nd side and just ordered my 3rd :)

Good for experimenting only

Noah| 8/15/2019 12:46 pm

The sides are worth it in terms of price for square foot, but not in terms of variety. Because you have no control over the colors, you have to take what you get. I was very disappointed when I ordered 3 sides, and all of them were the cheapest hides they carry (and they hides were pretty scuffed before I even cut anything). If you want specific leather, its definitely better to get it by the square foot for better quality and color control.

Overall Impressed

PATRICK| 11/16/2019 5:13 am

I ordered a side and was very happy with the quality. The leather has barely any marks, scratches, or scuffs. The chocolate brown side looks and feels great but mine was a little on the smaller side. However what mine lacked in size, it most definitely makes up in quality. I will be ordering another side at this bargain price.

Ugly color

J.W.| 1/13/2020 8:41 pm

Quality is fine, but color is ugly. I guess that’s the risk you take getting leather this cheap.

Unbeatable Price, perfect leather

Jude B.| 3/13/2020 11:43 am

This is a great deal, and the leather is beautiful! For customers complaining about selection, have you tried calling to speak with customer service? SLC has always been accommodating in making sure I get what I need if Im not satisfied! I am impressed with their friendly staff every time I reach out. Thank you Springfield Leather for providing top quality leathers at an affordable price :)

Great side for the price

Dominic| 4/4/2020 9:26 pm

2 words " freaking amazing" Completely satisfied and more. Amazing deal better get you one to before they are gone.

Can't pass this up

Ted| 4/17/2020 6:37 am

beautiful leather at a superb price....a great value

Just right

Gretchen| 5/12/2020 8:14 am

Meets/exceeds expectations. I’ve paid more, for lesser quality sides in the past from a different supplier. When I ordered, I had hopes it would be suitable for braiding whips, bosal hanger straps, possibly saddle strings, and any other durable leather projects. The side I got is perfect for these projects! Dark cocoa color, at least 22sq ft, nice weight, dense, supple with a wonderful lighter color when bent or pulled. At first glance I don’t see any blemishes or brands. If I could buy a stack of these sides and hoard them, I would!

Best ever product, prices and service.

Mike| 5/18/2020 5:21 pm

I just received 4 square feet of beautiful leather from SLC! Great service, beautiful product and very very good prices. They also included a nice handwritten note. Will keep your name handy for all other projects!

Beautiful SP Oil Tan - full side, I am very pleased!

Lee| 6/1/2020 2:09 pm

I just received my order of a SP Oil Tan - full side and it is beautiful! I would like to compliment SLC on their customer service, I am very pleased with what I got. Thank you!

Good Job Springfield

Blaine - | 7/22/2020 5:04 pm

I was nervous about ordering this leather from Springfield but decided to take the chance. I am glad I did! The two sides I ordered arrived a few days later than expected, but I was delighted when they arrived! The brown was a lovely rich shade, and the darker shade is black or near it. The quality is excellent, with very minor imperfections. Good job Springfield!

Great for a beginner and beyond.

Mark| 8/3/2020 1:25 pm

Ordered as something to practice on as I am new to leather working, and it was incredibly cost effective as compared to the other leathers I was able to find. The sides were amazing. Only one had a small cutout around what I am assuming was a defect. Already made a few projects and even the practice ones are getting heads to turn. I know it cannot be my skill yet, so it must be the leather. I won't hesitate to buy more when I get through my initial sides.

Great Sides

Judy| 8/13/2020 2:37 pm

I bought this and was amazed at the beautiful colors I received. I am making my son a gun holster and belt. Just firm enough and soft enough for a shoulder holster! Thank you! I'm hooked!

Pleased overall

Edward - | 11/1/2020 4:35 pm

Nice heavy leather, I received a chocolate-brown with smooth texture, around 5oz. Cuts well and will be useful for my applications. Medium stiffness. Everyone I interacted with at Springfield was exceptionally nice, communication was easy. The price can't be beat for this full side. I received ~20sqft, however directly in the middle of the side is a substantial blemish that can't be avoided, rendering around 2sqft unusable unless that face can be hidden on a project. Using for an apron would not be possible given the size of this blemish. I'm on the fence as to whether I'd purchase again, but I'd hope I receive a better side next time.

Misleading description.

PAUL| 3/5/2021 10:00 am

I suppose I should have read a little harder. The description is deceptive. I was expecting ASSORTED. The leather I received was nice but was not what I wanted. I wanted an assortment. Don't get me wrong, what I received was great value.