Giraffe Leather Scrap - 2 Pounds

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Giraffe Leather Scrap- 2 pounds. Approximate weight is 5 - 7 oz (2.0 - 2.8 mm).

This is VERY scrappy leather and is clicked from (meaning it has MANY holes) so expect some small pieces within many large holes. These pieces have imperfections like: bug bites, cuts and scratches- but there are also many good areas too. Perfect for inlays, bracelets, and other small projects. Item #144-88812

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6 reviews


Loved the look, disappointed with the rest


First, I buy all my leather from Springfield, that wont change. I've bought scrap bundles from them before and have always been pleased. Unfortunately, with this one out of 2 pounds I only ended up with 7 usable oz's. and most of that will be for earrings. The rest of the scrap was too small to do anything with. I couldn't get enough to make corners for the wallets. <br>Second, the look and feel of the leather was great, loved the rough nature to it.

Great Deal!


For scrap pieces this deal is hard to beat! Several areas much larger than hand size and a lot more to play with than I expected! (I've already put in a second order).

Giraffe Leather


ordered 2 bags.mostly small pieces that should work great for inlays maybe and get a few small projects from them. would I order again, if use up what have now probably practice inlays is the reason to purchase them.

Love my giraffe wallet!


Scrap tends to be small, so I told myself that if I could get one piece large enough for a wallet back, it would be worth it. I got my wallet out of it! The rest of the pieces are still usable for smaller projects, as well. Will be purchasing plenty more of it soon.

Not a fan :-(


The look is spectacular, but my bag did not include any decent sized, usable pieces. Was incredibly disappointed for the cost. <br> <br>BUT, all of my other leather and scrap purchases have been wonderful, so I am still a SLC fan - just won't be buying this particular bundle again or recommending it.

Very Poor - even for scrap


I like the leather texture and strength, but out of 2lb scrap bag, I received only 2 pieces that were hand sized. Most of the rest was punched out leaving small, thin edge strips and little else. Very disappointing that this was bagged for scrap without any culling - this was 90% thrown away.