LG Glazed Python - Brown by Linear Foot

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LG Glazed Python - Brown by Linear Foot

LG Glazed Python - Brown. 9 to 15 inches wide. 2 - 3 oz. (.8 - 1.2 mm). Sold by the Linear foot.

Regular Python Skin is simply gorgeous, especially with the distinct pattern that runs down the back! But with a combination of the striking pattern of belly cut python, glorious colors, and a superbly glazed finish... Glazed Python Skins are even more spectacular!

Products made with this versatile, exotic leather are the epitome of luxury! Whether the skins are used to create high-end laminated belts, boots, shoes, wallets, clutches, handbags, money clips, etc. or to create inlays, trim, and other accents... not only do the finished goods demand top dollar, but it would most likely cost you hundreds of dollars just to make a SINGLE wallet, because you'd have to buy the whole skin! Talk about expensive...

What if you want to make small personal leather goods and accessories out of Genuine Glazed Python Skin, but can't seem to justify having to buy the entire skin for one or two small projects? Well, we asked ourselves the very same question, and we came up with a way to make your life a little bit easier by offering you the ability to buy Glazed Python by the LINEAR FOOT!!! I know, right??? Crazy! Rusty must've done bonked his noggin' or something to have thought this up, cause this is practically unheard of in the leather world, but as mentioned, it's a fantastic opportunity for YOU!

We're really quite excited about this new purchasing option, so we've decided to dip our toes in the water with these Special Purchase Skins to see how it goes over!

Due to the natural shape of the skins, we're offering two width options to order from; Narrow (Sm.) and Wide (Lg.).

Item # 39-31

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