Hair-On Cowhide Rug - Gamblers' Choice

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Hair-On Cowhide Rug - Gamblers' Choice

Special Purchase Gamblers' Choice Hair-On Cowhide Rugs. Assorted natural colors and shades. Whole Hides, averaging in the range of 38 to 42 square feet. Some could be a little smaller, some could be a little larger. Approximately 4 - 5 oz. Sold by the hide, we do NOT cut these.

Our Special Purchase Gamblers' Choice Assorted Hair-On Cowhides are simply a mix of hides that don't really fall into any specific category. Some may be a solid color or a blend of colors that don't have much of a pattern to them, some may be dark, and some may be light, and some may be a mix of both. Some might be short-haired, and some might have hair that's a little bit longer. One thing is for certain, they're ALL the same great quality as our normal, regular stock selection, and they're ALL being offered at an incredible BARGAIN!!! The ace up our sleeve is that WE pick your hide at random! So you get what you get, that's the gamble. But don't worry, the odds are 100% in your favor! So go ahead and ante up, because in this deal, every hand's a winner!

Hair-On Cowhides obviously make perfect rugs, but they're also great for use in creating all sorts of home decor applications such as pillows, place mats, table runners, coasters, etc. Fantastic for upholstery projects such as chairs, sofas, and ottomans, as well as other furniture applications like cabinet panels, etc. And don't forget leather projects, big and small; like bags and cases, belts, and just about any other kind of personal leather goods and accessories you can think of!

Sold by the hide, we do NOT cut these.

All Special Purchase Items Have Limited Quantity Available.

Item # 253-01

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Great rug

Bryan| 12/31/2019 8:59 pm

Got one of these for my wife for 2019 Christmas. She couldn’t have been any happier. In fact on here to get her another one.