Hermann Oak Bridle - Black

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(M) Hermann Oak Bridle - Black

Hermann Oak Bridle - Black

These glorious bridle sides are 100% Veg. tanned leather, tanned right here in America on full-grain domestic hides, and available in 5 classic colors!!!

This gorgeous leather has been vegetable tanned with Hermann Oak’s time-honored, pit tanning process, drum dyed, hot stuffed with oils, fats, and tallows and finished with natural waxes for that distinct firm, yet luxurious temper, smooth rich feel, and natural weather resistant properties we’ve come to expect from superior quality bridle leather. The backs have been pasted during the stuffing process, which not only gives them a more finished look, but adds that extra bit of protection against the elements. 2-3 oz option will NOT have a pasted back.

This is the perfect leather for making the most fabulous holsters, knife sheaths, belts, saddle bags, and of course, tack applications! And since it’s available in three different weights, including 2-3 oz, the project possibilities are endless!

Note: This leather is Full Grain, meaning it hasn’t been sanded or buffed to remove any imperfections, so you may find some minor surface blemishes, like healed scratches, insect bites, etc. but nothing that can’t be worked around.

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I expected more for the price.

Mark| 6/15/2023 8:52 pm

Not alot of yield. The three square feet which I ordered had at least one square foot that was not usable due to loose break on the back side which was not burnishable. The corresponding edges were also not able to be burnished Will not purchase again.

Herman Oak 10-12 Ounce Bridle Leather Review

Wiz| 7/23/2021 10:21 am

This is my first time buying Herman Oak black bridle leather. I am here to tell you that I couldn't be happier with the quality of this leather. The H.O. bridle leather is stiffer than what I usually buy, which is a plus. I can always soften it if needed. But, I mostly make belts with bridle leather, so the extra stiffness will be a plus. The side I got was very large and 99% usable, with very few flaws. The length varied from about 93 through 103 inches. This will let me cut two belts per strip over much of the back area. Best of all, the thickness is very even across the entire side and is more on the high side, around 12 ounces, which is perfect for my belts! The back is very smooth and well pasted. Instead of hook holes, there are clamp marks along the backbone, which are very even and up high. I was able to cut them off when truing the edge and only lost about 1 inch from neck to butt. Further, the leg and belly areas are not loose or weak, thus they will be usable too.