Hermann Oak Economy Plus Sides

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$119.00 $119.99

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Hermann Oak Economy Plus Sides. We will NOT cut.

How can it be this cheap??? Because every single veg tannery on the planet has a common problem…They tan some leather that falls below their standard grading levels. And they don’t know it, until the leather has gone through the tanning process. So they accumulate quantities of sides that are difficult for them to sell to a manufacturer. The leather is exactly the same quality as their higher grades, but the surface or grain defect areas cause the sides to fall into an economy grade. Make no mistake…..there’s a lot of good leather in these sides, and some could probably easily have been in the Craftsman selection. Hermann Oak wants as many as possible in the leather world to try their wonderful leather, and they realize the cost can be a factor. So working together, SLC and Hermann Oak, have come up with a plan to make it possible (and affordable) so that many of you can experience and hopefully realize the many benefits of working with their leather. Available in 2-5, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 9-10 oz weights. Sides will average 22 to 27 sq ft. 
** The 2-5 oz option is not leveled and the side will have varying thicknesses throughout in the 2-5 oz range. **

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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews


High Quality sides


The side I received was very nice. Tight grain side and beautiful skin side. I am very pleased with this Economy Plus Herman Oak Side. I would recommend this to everyone.

Nice side of leather


My side of 8/9oz was wonderful. Firm and smooth, Highly recommend it to all.

Ok for small projects


The side I received had many cracks in the leather and found very little usable areas for holsters, this side would be good for small projects and the leather is firm, it may have been the luck of the draw for me, but I doubt I’d buy it again.

Great Value.


I just got a side in 8-10 oz and am very pleased with it. I have bought Craftsman Grade sides that were no better and B sides that were worse. I hope this is an item you intend to keep stocking, I will keep buying it. Wish you carried it in 5-6 oz, but I can live with what you carry.

Leather is a bargain


The side was very good, well worth the money, the leather in my opinion is a great bargain. I hope Springfield is able to provide more of these hides.

economy grade leather


The 2 sides of the economy plus far exceeded my expectations. I've bought from Tandy, not real impressed, bought from District leather, cost prohibitive for me. I was skeptical about economy grade, but it is beautiful, looking forward to working it more. Great bargain!

Great hide for the price


I make everything from holsters to journal covers to wallets or a money clip out of the hide I don’t think I could use about 2 square ft of prime real estate on the hide it as wrinkles throughout and a brand on the bit and about 5 bug bites throughout which some of my customers even like that stuff because it’s a natural product I am very pleased with the hide I might loose 4-5 square ft total around the hide so do the math 20-21 sq ft usable area for the price tag if they keep them in I will buy many more

Wasn't Pleased


Ordered 2 of these, 6-7 oz and 8-9oz. The 8-9 had so many cracks in it I could only use about half of it, maybe even less. The 6-7oz has a ton of bug bites all the way down the whole side. <br> <br>I love Springfield and the staff are the best! They get 5 stars. This review is only for the leather I received. Maybe I'll try my luck again with 1 more.

I'm impressed


I just received my economy plus 8/9 oz side and I have to say I'm impressed. After reading some of the less shining reviews I was wondering what I'd get in the luck of the draw and I'm very happy with what I got. It runs to the higher side of the square footage mark and there's only a couple of holes that I can totally work around for my intended use. And as for the price I don't think you can beat it. My last leather purchase from Springfield was an imported 8/9 oz double shoulder, that they no longer carry, that was half the size and three quarters the price of this side. I would definitely order this again and recommend others to try, especially if you're still learning or on a budget.