Import Tooling Pre-Cut - 12" x 12"

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SKU: 100-D
Price $9.90 to $13.20
Wholesale $9.90 to $12.95
Price $9.90 to $13.20
Wholesale $9.90 to $12.95


12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm) pre-cut from import tooling veg tan. Available in two grades: #1 and #2. Available in 8 weights: 2-3 oz, 3-4 oz, 4-5 oz, 5-6 oz, 6-7 oz, 7-8 oz, 8-9 oz, 9-10 oz.

Waste no more! Perfectly pre-cut pieces are ideal for specific projects where you know exactly what is needed.

SLC's imported veg tan tools well, cuts well, and molds well. It accepts dyes and oils well. It's affordably priced, and the products you make with it are going to please. We offer Import Tooling Pre-Cuts in grade #1 and grade #2. Leather is a natural product that cannot always be consistent, and while grading is subjective, here are some guidelines to help you make the best decision.

Grade #1 is the best and cleanest leather we offer. If a piece can be described as nothing short of perfect, it's certainly grade 1 leather. However, grade 1 leather is not without its imperfections! Leather with brands, excessive bug bites and top-grain knife marks is not considered Grade 1. Other scars are fine, but the placement could affect the grade. For pre-cuts, a distinct blemish in the middle of a piece will knock down its grade, but a blemish near an edge or corner may not. Also consider the amount of blemishes on a piece. A few small scars that won't cause much waste should be just fine. If a crafter is facing an inch of loss, it may be no big deal, but if a crafter is losing five square inches on a 12 inch by 12 inch piece, it's probably not a grade 1 piece of leather.

Grade #2 is just a step below grade one. Just like our premium grade, brands, knife marks and excessive bug bites are not acceptable. A small hole is acceptable, as long as the placement is easily worked around. The difference between the two grades lies in the placement of blemishes and the quantity. A small scar smack dab in the middle of the pre-cut is fine, as long as it is relatively easy to work around. A few in inconvenient places are acceptable, but if the piece is covered in blemishes, it is not considered a grade 2 piece.

Please refer to visual aids included for examples. If you're still unsure, give us a call! It never hurts to ask. :)

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