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Import Veg Tan Culatta 9/10 oz. C Grade

SKU: 864-124
Retail: $8.25
Wholesale: $7.70


C Grade Import Veg Tan Culatta 9/10 oz. Sizes range from 15-19 sq ft. with an average size of 16-17 sq. ft. Length generally starts at about 50" and goes as long as 60". Great for belts, as well as holsters, sheaths and much more. 

This leather is sold by the square foot. 15sqft minimum.

Import Veg Tan Culattas feature a super clean, super smooth light colored finish excellent for tooling, stamping and dying. The B grade label slightly underestimates the quality represented. This is truly premium import leather.

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better suited for armor or soles

CwhL| 2/18/2019 12:17 pm

nice leather but very firm, had to be oiled several times before i could use it for headstall straps. i'll be putting a lot of conditioner on it as well to try to soften it up not sure how it be for molding on holsters. almost too stiff for belts unless you put a lot of conditioner and oil on it. i think it would probably work great for soles and armors