Journal Makers Oil Tan Bundle

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Journal Makers Oil Tan Bundle
30-35 sq ft bundle of assorted oil tan leather ideal for journals. Weights range from 2.5 oz. up to 5-6 oz.

We're always looking for ways to make your life a little easier! How many of you have wanted to experiment with different, unique oil tans for journal covers and other small projects, but didn't want to have to buy the whole side? Well, Rusty put on his thinking cap and came up with this Journal Maker's Bundle and man is it ever cool!

What makes this bundle such a big deal and incredible value? How about the fact that you get a total of 30-35 sq ft of really cool oil tanned leather, consisting of 6-8 different pieces that average approximately 3-6 sq ft each. You might get a piece or two that's not a true oil tan, that we feel has enough of the same properties and was cool enough to fall into the SLC definition of Oil Tanned Leather. Normally, you'd spend about the same amount of money for a single side of oil tan, and be limited to the ONE color and style for multiple projects. That's ok if that's what you're looking for, but we wanted to give you options! Getting several different oil tans for one incredible price allows you to create more diverse projects that will appeal to a broader market!

In case you didn't know journals have been, and still are one of the hottest gift items in the leather world today. They're being sold by national book and gift stores all over the country, for prices that are (in my opinion) just crazy! Many of the journals available today are made from some of the exact same leathers that come in these bundles, and people that buy them seem to not really care so much at all for perfect construction techniques. The most popular ones seem to be fairly rough, and made from some sort of distressed leather. Some have no sewing at all, (just a bit of lacing) and many have no real closure. They simply tie or wrap them with a leather lace. Pretty darned good for about 1 square foot of leather!!!

Great for journal covers, possible bags, messenger bags, hand bags, clutches, wristbands, cuffs, personal accessories, and perhaps even backpacks! FYI: These leathers would also be a dream to use a wood burner on! - Kevin

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Beautiful oil-tanned and chrome-tanned bundle.

Jason| 9/9/2018 9:39 am

I took a risk buying this bundle just to see what I could get. I received about ten different types of oil and chrome tanned leather. Of that ten, I really like nine of them. For a grab bag full of leather, I was still really impressed with the selection. They are all big enough to make A5 size leather journal covers. However, if you are making covers to sell (and want to maximize profits), then I suggest making field notes notebook-sized covers (3.5" x 5.5" notebook). You'll be able to squeeze two to three times as much product from each remnant that way. For the rookies out there: this is a great segue into learning how to work with chrome tanned leather without having to commit to one specific type. But remember, don't try to burnish it (that only works on veg tan).

Ok, not the best for the money

Ed| 9/14/2018 6:14 pm

Meh, some of this was really soft. Not really what I had though of as oil tan leather. Decent amount, but I'll have to find something else to make with it as most of it won't be really good for journals.

One person's opinion

Michael| 1/12/2019 10:13 am

This was the worst bundle I've ever received. Out if the ten pieces I received only three was usable for journals. Your better off ordering the 15 lbs pounds of scrap for $15.

One of two of my go to leather distributors. If I could give six stars, I would.

Jay| 2/28/2019 5:35 pm

I just got my package of journal makers leather bundle and couldn't wait to open it and look. As too the description of the quality I can only say this, superb! When I looked at each piece and put them side by side and I got so overwhelmed by the ideas that flooded my mind. Springfield Leather, you guys are too awesome. The only other place I've ever had good things to say about was Weaver Leather. You guys and Weaver Leather are my only go to sites.

Will buy again

Chris| 10/10/2019 9:27 am

I am incredibly satisfied with this bundle. I create a variety of eclectic and unique items and have thus far utilized every single piece of leather in this package. A great value for the square footage, with large and useful cuts of leather. I will be buying another one.

Worth it!

LeatherLady| 3/10/2020 6:05 pm

I was really happy with this bundle. Gave me quite a bit to work with and all quality leathers. Will order again.

Really nice variety

Heidi - | 7/11/2020 12:53 am

I really like this bundle! I got a couple pieces that were not oil tan, like the description said, but they are really good quality and I'm glad I got them. Everything was a lot bigger than I expected so I am very happy that I added this to my order last minute. I received a good variety of colors, weights, and textures which is exactly what I hoped for. This is a great deal if you're looking for a bundle of good quality leather that is not too expensive. My first order from slc, I was still very new to leather and didn't know what to order so I bought the ugly leather bundle. It had some nice pieces, but half of it was not very good. If you're looking for a starter bundle or just want to add some variety to your collection, get this.

Newb at leatherworking but feels like a great deal!

Jarad - | 8/13/2022 6:00 am

New to leatherworking, but the pieces I received seem like some very decent quality and a good variety! Not just a bag of earth tones, got a really nice deep red as well as an embossed alligator print. Sizes are all really decent as well! Will definitely purchase again!