Kangaroo Lace - Matte - Gold

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Type: Kangaroo
Style: Lace
Color: Gold
Available size: 1/8", 1/4", and 3/32"
Available length: 10 Yards, 12 1/2 Yards, 25 Yards, and 50 Yards

Kangaroo Lace - Matte - Gold

In case you’ve been living under a rock, and to the dismay of just about EVERYONE, our supplier stopped production and discontinued their popular line of shiny, metallic lace a while back due to issues with the foil laminate flaking off. To be honest, no one wants flaky lace, am I right??? So, they re-vamped their production processes and came up with a line of matte finished metallics to replace those shiny-but-flaky metallics, and the results are quite lovely! The matte finish lends a brushed, antique metal luster for a rich, but low-key, look of elegance. Although this is metallic lace, it is still considered “Classic”. Available in Matte Silver, Matte Gold, and Matte Rose Gold.

There’s no reason to go anywhere else! Springfield Leather Company has the largest selection of Kangaroo Lace in the US!!! We not ONLY have the LARGEST SELECTION of Kangaroo Lace in the U.S., but we also have the BEST PRICES you'll find ANYWHERE!!! Whether you're braiding or lacing, Kangaroo Lace has everything a person could ever desire in a lace and, for the cherry on top, this high-end leather lace is unmatched in strength, softness, and durability! Perfect for any lacing applications. Excellent for braiding, plaiting, as well as whip and show dog lead making! Did we mention that it is excellent for braiding?

-Our Kangaroo Lace is available in 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" widths, and in spools of 50 yards, 25 yards, and 10 yards, EXCEPT for the 1/4” width options. The 1/4” widths are available in 25 yards and 12.5 yards spools.
-All Kangaroo Lace is Subject to Availability.
-Due to differing dye lots, colors may vary occasionally.
-Due to the fluctuating value of the U.S. Dollar: Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice!

Kangaroo Skin/Lace Finish Info:
Classic Finish: is a pigmented finish. Resulting in bold, solid colors, and usually does not accept moisture because it is a finished lace. Usually, Chrome Tanned.
LHG Finish: is a matte or naked finish, and generally known as vegetable tanned crust, dyed through. Because it’s unfinished, this lace will accept moisture.
Glazed Finish: is done from the LHG (crust) and glazed on a machine with a glass roller, resulting in a very natural color and glossy finish. Veg Tanned.

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