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SLC Plastic Leather Gauge with Case

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Our handy little Craftmaster leather gauge makes it easy for you determine the thickness of your leather, without spending a ton of money! Many small leather gauges use a tapered slot for measuring, making an accurate measurement challenging. The SLC gauge uses a non-tapered slot allowing the user to get a perfectly accurate thickness measurement every time. 
The graduated measurements, ranging from 2 - 3 oz. up to 10 - 11 oz., have been clearly etched into the plastic and include the millimeter conversions. Works best with firmer leathers.

At 2-7/8” x 2-3/16” x 1/8”, this gauge is a perfect size for pockets! This version comes complete with a veg tan case and key ring. Making it perfect to personalize, and carry with you! 

Item #100-0953
To use: Cut a small corner from the leather that you want to measure. Slide the gauge onto the hide that you cut it from, using the notch closest to the thickness of your leather. Loose fit equals lighter weight, snug equals heavier. For example, if you insert a piece of 4-5 oz. leather into the notch and it’s a bit loose, then the leather is closer to 4 oz. if it fits snug, then the leather is closer to 5 oz. Remember, leather is not always perfectly level (which is why it’s measured in ranges like 2 - 3 oz. and 4 - 5 oz. etc.). It’s always best to measure a spot 10” to 12” into the leather. But those gauges cost an arm and a leg!!! This one will get you very close, and it should last you for years…Kevin

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