Saffiano Leather

Retail: $4.40
Leather Type: Cow
Genre: Bag/Upholstery
Style: Cross-hatched
Color Options: Dark Ivy, Platinum, Starry Night, Ruby Red
Tannage: Chrome
Cut: Double Butt
Sold By: Square Foot
Average Size: 14-18 sqft
Weight/Thickness: 1.2mm to 1.6mm (3-4oz)
Hand: Slightly Firm
Saffiano Cross Hatch leather was originally produced in Italy for the Prada brand. Since then, it's become a staple of many luxury line handbag companies. Basically, it's a very level split that has a premium coating on it that has the crosshatch print pressed into it.

The Coach bag company uses a fair bit of this leather, and they discontinue colors on a regular basis in order to keep their line fresh and new. And sometimes they simply find themselves in possession of too much leather inventory. Bad for them good for us and good for you.

If you burnish the edges with Toko pro, or Tokonole, and color those edges with Angelus paint or better yet, Fenice Diamond Edge Color, you will have created your own luxury line handbag at a fraction of the normal cost!

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Beautiful and a pleasure to work with

Matthew| 6/5/2022 10:05 pm

I love working with this leather - It's thick enough to work on it's own but can also be lined. The blush is a beautiful shade without being "too pink" so it has a classic feel. The Starry Night is a really rich blue but those silver specks are a lot more prominent than I was expecting. I doubt I will use it for a large back, but it will make for a beautiful accent or small makeup sized bag.