$30, $40, $50 Sides

Price $30.00 to $50.00


Pieces of Assorted Leather

Leather for everyone????

I hope so….. SLC has long had a regionally famous table full of sides of all sorts of leathers for bags, chaps, and that sort of thing, all priced by the side. Customers regularly drive for considerable distances just to shop that table for the incredibly crazy good bargains that are there. But it’s really only been accessible to our walk in customers.

We’ve decided initiate a program that will make it possible for our mail order customers to access these incredibly good quality leathers at prices that should help increase profit margins for the crafter.

Introducing $30, $40 and $50 sides!

Here’s how it works: Think about how much you’d like to spend. Next, either call or order online with the item number for side associated with that amount of money. Tell us what you’re doing and give us as much information as you can as to color, feel, thickness and what you’re making. All of the selections will basically run from 2 ½ oz to 5-6 oz. We’ll do our absolute best to pick something that will make you want to tell your friends about the great deal that you got. The smallest side that you would get might be around 12 to 15 ft. the largest would be around 27 to 30 ft. Most will be somewhere between. If we have any doubts, we’ll call you to discuss. Most of the leathers are suitable for bags, chaps, totes, aprons and the like. Oil tans are included. Many will be one of a kind, but not all.

Granted, there has to be an element of trust here, along with willingness to work together. So we’re putting the SLC “Golden Guarantee” with it. Which is to say that if you don’t like what you get, for any reason at all, we pay to get it back, and we either refund you or send another at our expense.

Give us a try! We’ll do our best to impress you!!!

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the $50 side didn't disappoint!

Bryan| 5/2/2022 1:47 pm

I ordered a $50 side with a pretty detailed description (dark, rich color, medium soft hand, etc) and I am REALLY happy with what I received! Not only was the leather high quality and exactly what I described, but the side is HUGE. I estimate the side to be at least 18 sq ft., probably more like 20. I will be ordering this again for sure.