Spiny Dogfish - Chocolate

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Spiny Dogfish - Chocolate

Spiny Dogfish - Chocolate. These skins range from 16" - 23" (40.64 - 58.42 cm.) at the longest point and are 9" - 14" (22.86 - 35.59 cm.) at the widest point and are 1 - 2 oz (.4 - .8 mm.).

These guys are pretty cool! Sand shark is a general term for many types of shark- mostly smaller ones found in coastal waters, and one of those is the Spiny Dogfish.

Fun facts: Sharkskin used to be used as sandpaper! These are called dogfish because they hunt in packs, similar to dogs. The skin of a shark is filled with scales called: denticles which makes the skin rough and rather abrasive...but fear not for denticles are all removed in the tanning process- so no pokey things will get you.

Just like other shark leather, the strength and durability of dogfish is high. Making it perfect for projects needing a fairly thin leather, with the ability to stand up to long term wear and use. Would be great for high-end shoes, wallet pockets, inlays, clutch purses, pieced lady’s dress belts, and more! This leather reminds us of stingray with it’s glitzy appeal, but is easier to work with- so give it a try!

Item # 317-21

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