Craftmaster Bench Splitter

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Craftmaster Bench Splitter

The Craftmaster Bench Splitter will accommodate widths up to 5". This excels at strips, all sorts of straps, and especially belts. This splitter is 7-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 4".

The Craftmaster Bench Splitter has a strong frame, and is designed to be attached to a sturdy table or workbench. The 6” blade, in conjunction with the roller, will accommodate widths up to 5” and the fine tuning adjustment knobs and tensioner allow you to split any weight of leather to your desired thickness, easily and evenly. Great for strips and straps of all sorts, including belts, as well as any other smaller projects like wallet backs, interiors, and pockets. This is a handy addition to any workbench!

*This splitter is intended for firmer leathers, such as veg tan, some oil tans, latigo, bridle and harness leathers and so on. This is NOT intended for use with soft leathers like upholstery and garment leathers.

Item # 011-3790

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It's a decent little hand splitter.

Jimmie| 10/9/2023 11:43 am

I use mine for belts almost exclusively. Oiled leathers split the easiest, but must be lined as they'll rub off on clothes. Problem is sharpening it. I have a belt grinder and can do it , but it still needs to be finished by hand. Don't be tempted to roll the edge, the whole surface must be stropped and why I use #2 micron diamond compound on hardwood. Much more aggressive than buffing compound.