Tripod Stool Kit

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Type: Kit
Style: Tripod Stool Kit
Pre-Cut Hermann Oak Leather Parts, Dowels, Assembly Hardware, and Instructions
NOT Included:
Hand Stitching Supplies
Contact Cement or Basting Tape
Line 20 Snap Setter
Phillips Screwdriver
Drill with a 3/32 Inch Drill Bit
Locktite or Superglue
1" Strap End Punch
3/16" Hole Punch

Tripod Stool Kit

Tripod Stool Kit

Everyone LOVES a Tripod Stool! Now you can make your very own with our Tripod Stool Kit. Includes all the parts needed for assembly, including pre-cut veg tanned leather seat and leg pockets. And being veg tanned leather, you can either simply choose to dye, stain, and finish it… or you can tool and stamp it to create a carved beauty fit for a patootie (haha… see what we did there?!) Some additional tools/material required for completion.

Tripod stools are handier to have around than pockets on a shirt! They’re lightweight, portable, and fold up small enough that you could stick one in your backpack and carry it with you everywhere you go! By the way, packing a tripod stool around with you unlocks a door to new (and deservedly) comfortable opportunities you never dreamed possible… like when you’re stuck standing in a super long line at the store, or when you accidently take a walk that might have been a little too ambitious, or like when you’re at the movies and the guy in front of you has a big head… just whip out your handy-dandy stool and plop yourself wherever it suits your fancy!

Of course, these stools would also make a wonderful gift, or you can customize one and make some money. Plus, a tripod stool could be a nice addition to your shop, or the perfect extra seat for get-togethers, and they’re simply glorious for camping and hiking!

Item # 144-0788

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Great kit, shotty bolt.

Cody| 11/5/2021 8:52 pm

I really liked the kit. Came with everything you need and easy to follow instructions. Easy to use the leather as a stool or as a pattern piece. The reason for two stars is because, after the build was complete I sat down to test it and the BOLT snapped in the middle weld. I’m 190lbs. Sat down with ease, did not plop. I’d like to believe it’s a faulty bolt but not sure. Great kit, be weary of the bolt. Have a back up plan.