Ugly Belt (Lifetime)

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Price $59.00

Type: Finished Product
Style: Belt
Length Options: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, Unsized
Width: 1-1/2"
Leather Weight: 12-14 oz
Note: These belts are part of our SLC Lifetime Belt Warranty program.

Ugly Belt (Lifetime)

A Belt with a lifetime Guarantee??? YES!!! How can that be possible? Easy… At SLC, we believe in our stuff!

Here’s how it works… Buy one of our finished belts and get a limited lifetime guarantee. Simple!
What if 5 years from now, a snap goes bad. If the belt has become like an old friend, and you don’t want it replaced, I’ll just replace the snap. Or I’ll replace the belt. Your option.
If the buckle ever breaks, and you want to keep the belt, I’ll give you another buckle. Or I’ll replace the belt. Your option.
If you’ve gotten a tad on the tubby side, and you have to have your wife and child help you cinch up your belt and the leather tears after years of stress, I’ll replace the belt.
If one of the holes tears thru, I’ll replace the belt.
If its stitched, and the stitching comes undone, I’ll either re-stitch or replace the belt.
If you accidentally go swimming with your belt on, and your wife or husband thinks it would help to put it in the dryer and it comes out stiffer than a 4-foot ruler, I’ll replace the belt.
If you find that your belt is starting to stretch and look like a curled over flat noodle in the back, I’ll replace the belt.
If you use your belt to fend off a pack of wild coyotes trying to get at your poodle, and it gets all chewed up, I’ll replace the belt.
If you lose weight, and need your belt shortened, or have another hole or two added, I’ll do that at no charge.
If you gain weight and need a longer belt… well… I can’t help with that… I’m sure that you get the idea here…

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