$50 Unfinished Black Double Shoulder

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Special Purchase!!! 8 - 9 oz. Shoulders average 10 - 12 square feet. Black Double Shoulders
Veg tanned, Dyed through, naked finish, nice and rectangular, firm, just great for finished belts and straps of all sorts! They have a beautiful appearance, and when finished they take on a deep rich luster that’s just hard to beat!

However, there’s one teensy-weensy issue…they have a rub-off problem…in other words, if you handle one, it will leave black on your hands from either the front or the back side.
On the bright side, it’s easily dealt with! 

For the front side, all you have to do is wipe it down and put a finish of your choice on it, and that takes care of that!  

On the back side, you can either seal it with gum trag, (or something similar) or line it.  Simple enough and solves the problem!  

Here’s the best part…they’re Just $50 each!!! 

(Limited quantity on hand).

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10 reviews

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