This leather has us hurrying to our craft tables and shouting, “Olé!” The Diego Veg Tan Double Shoulders come in a splendid spectrum of colors and two different finishes and weights--milled and glazed, 7-9 oz. original weight and 3-4 oz. split--for your crafting fancy.

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SLC's Glazed Diego shoulders have a firm hand, so they would work well for anything that needs a bit of stiffness. It also splits splendidly. For projects, we’re thinking bags, two-ply belts, wallet interiors (in the lighter weight)—you could even make a nice, wrap-around style holster.
This leather has a smooth finish and waxy feel, although not overly glossy, and a tight grain. The pasted back on the 7-9 oz. makes an appealing finished project inside and out, and the lighter weight could be lined or even used as a liner.

    • Maduro

      A glazed chocolate brown with a tight grain and smooth finish.

    • Glazed Double Shoulders

      Drum dyed shoulders with a firm hand, perfect for anything that needs a bit of stiffness. Available in two weights.

    • Oscuro

      A rich, dark brown with a glazed finish and a waxy feel.


    The milled veg tan double shoulders have a firm, quality grain that’s a bit softer and more pliable than your average veg tan. We’ve folded and hammered away on these things, and the finish stays—well, finished! You can roll and crease the leather without much concern of cracking. The colored leather has a vibrant, bursting pull-up that adds a unique beauty and feel of antiquity to a project.
    While this milled veg tan has a fine, pasted back, the color is not struck-through, so you may want to dye the edges or back if you skive the leather or order a lighter weight. This leather would make superb single-ply belts, wallets, and bags, like messenger bags.

      • Milled Blue

        Add a pop of color without sacrificing quality with milled veg in blue.

      • Milled Black

        Get firm grain with a bit of pliability in a classic black.

      • Milled Espresso

        A deep brown with a subtle pebbled look.

        • Milled Chocolate

          A classic medium brown with color that is sure to stick around.

        • Milled Green

          A forest green with a glorious pull up.

        • Milled Cherry Brandy

          A medium brown leather with a red undertone that will bring warmth to any project.