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Introducing the Orion Calf Dyes and Waxes! These are very special products specifically intended for dying crust leathers, which are tanned but unfinished leathers. Imagine buying a crust gator skin, that provides so many opportunities to personalize the leather as much as you’d like! Gone are the days of buying one gator skin in black. Now you can purchase the crust and dye that one skin a plethora of colors! The wax dyes are awesome because once they dry you are able to buff to a high gloss. The liquid dyes allow you to mix, dilute, or saturate your project. These products really allow you to create infinite color combos! About each type: Cream Wax - cream wax provides a smooth, and even color. Paste Wax - applied as a top coat and can be brushed to a high gloss. Dyeing Wax - provides deep color penetration and can be thinned with denatured alcohol. Liquid Dye - can be mixed with other dyes and thinned with denatured alcohol, also provides deep color penetration. Clayton was nice enough to show us all how he creates a beautiful wallet back out of alligator crust and the Orion Calf Products in our recent YouTube Video. He uses three colors from the liquid dyes and after the first coat of dyes dries, he tops the project with a light coat of black paste wax to give it more interest and appeal. Clayton also found these little dye droppers super handy while working with the liquid dyes!