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Our new Renia Glue products will take the smell out of our glue game! Remember the good ole days of leather working when you could smell the glue for miles and miles? That stuff didn’t supply the best aroma at all! Well, Renia decided to put a stop to that with their water based glue line.

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Join Clayton as he chats about our new non-smelly, water based glues from Renia! First up is Klebfest. Simply apply Klebfest to the flesh side of oil tan leather, you can use our silicone brush to achieve a thin layer of glue (you don’t need a lot!) apply to both sides of the leather you are adhering together. Let dry. After dried, you'll find a tight and strong bond! This also works for veg tan leathers. Clayton uses the Silicon Flat Brush to apply this glue in a thin layer. Next, is the Aquilim 315, which we offer in three sizes: gallon, 32 oz., and 8 oz. This is fantastic for veg tans! Place glue on the flesh side of veg tan leather. If placing on grain side, rough it up a bit before placing the glue on. Spread this glue on leather thinly and wait for it to clear before adhering to another leather. Clayton uses the Renia Small Glue Brush to apply Aquilim. Clayton then tries out the Atom Superglue which stays flexible when dry---this product is NOT WATER-BASED! It is FLAMMABLE. This works great for even oil tan leathers! Simply place on leather and apply pressure for about a minute. This creates a strong, yet flexible bond which is great for leatherworking! Finally, Clayton introduces us to his new glue accessory the TS Boy Glue Pot! This is a handy auto feed glue pot. Fill it up and it will auto feed your glue. Keep your brush in the cap for easy storage.

Bonded Nylon Thread is the go-to thread choice for makers that want strong stitching with a uniform and semi-glossy finish. These consistent threads come in a wide array of colors from bold basics to classic neutrals to soft pastels. We offer five major size categories. Be sure to read about these thread and their best needle matches below!

All Bonded Nylon Threads
Thread Weight 69
Thread Weight 207
Thread Weight 277
Thread Weight 346