Step right up to this spectacular selection of shearling! A marvel of softness and warmth, this sensational material comes in a magnificent array of colors and textures at jaw-dropping prices. Choose from supple, sherpa-like finishes and luscious, longer wool, all with velvety backs. With its stupendous qualities of insulation, plush textures, durability, and style versatility, this shearling would make splendid vests, coat collars, pillows, moccasin linings, and more!

That's right, this shearling is the ultimate crafting contortionist--bend it to your own personal style, whether it's a coat collar reminiscent of aviator jackets and 70s chic, or even further back in history to the times of sporting a warm pair of moccasins. So, why just enjoy the show? Step into the ring and try your hand at some shearling! Quantities are limited, so come and get ‘em while you can.

    • Black with Glossy Black Back

      We’ve got a classic, classy combo for you--ink black wool with a glossy black back!

    • Natural with Dark Brown Distressed Back

      SOLD OUT

    • Espresso with Distressed Brown Back

      We’ve got a classic, classy combo for you--ink black wool with a glossy black back!

      • Slate Grey with Sueded Grey Back

        Play it cool with this marvelous slate grey shearling backed by a soft, sueded grey.

      • Cream with Mahogany Brown Back

        SOLD OUT

      • Purple with Shiny Black Back

        SOLD OUT

        • Black with Sueded Black Back

          Another class act, this black wool on sueded black back makes for a versatile show of shearling for whatever project you have in mind.

        • Cream with Brown Sueded Back

          SOLD OUT

        • Cappuccino with Sueded Brown Back

          We love this charming cappuccino color paired with a warm, chocolate brown back. (Are you hungry yet?!) Heads up--this is a grade 2 selection of shearling, meaning there will be some minor imperfections, like color inconsistencies. So, try a few tricks of your imagination! These shearlings are splendid for small projects.