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Is business growing? Are you read to pass off some of your item prep to a team that can cut, strip, and stamp your custom parts? With SLC’s help, you can decrease your production time for those items you find yourself making over and over again, that can be easily transitioned to our parts and strap cutting teams. We house cutting dies for a wide range of customers and cut hundreds of custom parts out of any and every leather we carry so that our customers get the perfect cut, out of the perfect leather, shipped right to their door with no scrap to manage and hours of time back in your schedules. Check out our list of services below then give us a holler if we can help you with your production needs!

- Clicking shapes
- Splitting
- Stripping
- Embossing belts and straps
- Custom belt blanks and finished belts
- Wallet interiors
- Heat Stamping
- Foil Embossing
- Small accessories
- Prototyping
- Laser Engraving
- Custom Leather Stamps*

The diversity of services that Springfield Leather offers can bring good potential for increased sales and profits for our customers. For instance, if you have a great idea for a leather product that you just know will be a success, but don’t have the expertise to create a prototype or the product, this is something that SLC can help with. Liz VanEvery is the SLC gurus for all of your manufacturing service needs. Contact our Production Team HERE.

Perhaps you’d like to add a new leather product with your name or brand to your existing customer base. Looking to add your logo to your product but using a leather that doesn’t stamp well? We offer heat stamping and foil embossing services for bag labels, hat patches, key fobs and other small items that you can customize to your own specifications. SLC’s branded products division can help with all of this. Black and white vector artwork is required. Set up fees apply.

You might also find our Laser Engraving service useful. We offer laser engraving for leather, wood, glass, rocks, and plastic. This service is superb for personalizing leather goods such as: wallets, card cases, and journal covers with a logo, design, name, monogram, or quote, as well as cutting out shapes for a quick pattern check or production run. We can engrave almost anything, except for certain items, such as baseball gloves, due to the product’s shape. If you are interested in this specific service, call us at 1-800-668-8518

Springfield Leather is here to help you be more efficient, create less waste, and get exactly what you need for your growing leather business. Hand cutting parts for items that you make over and over is extremely time consuming and always holds the potential for human error, so why not make an investment in cutting dies that will help you increase productivity and get perfect parts, every time? We can work with you to get the dies made, (we do not make them in-house) and we offer clicking services for the parts. With the wide selection of leather that we carry, we will almost always have the perfect leather for your product. From Hermann Oak Veg tan, to beautifully embossed prints, to oil tan leathers and metallics, we’ve got you covered!

The line of products in SLC‘s reseller program shows just the tip of the iceberg as far as what we are able to produce in the way of high-quality promotional items, both branded and unbranded. And best of all, we do it at prices you can afford!