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If you thought we couldn’t shake things up anymore than we already have, you were sorely mistaken! Kevin and Rusty dug even deeper into the nearly 1 million feet of leather they purchased last year, and we are pleased to announce round 2 of the world’s most disruptive leather sale ever!

Rusty and Kevin were able to pick up "stock lots" of leather, which means we have original tannery rolls that range anywhere from 500 to 6000 ft. of each kind of leather in our inventory. From velvetly-soft to sleek and smooth, you won't want to miss out on any of these lightweight, high-quality pieces of leather. All of the leathers we're offering are A/B selection and sold by the square foot! Ranging from $.99 - $3.99 per sq. ft., they are all well below tannery pricing and there is more to come! Just click the image of the leather that zaps your attention to get details!

Check out our full selection of special purchase leathers here.

Chocolate Calf Sides
Copper Penny Toscano
Chocolate Tango Calfskin
Tobacco Glazed Kidskin
Vintage Burnish Kidskin - Maize
Taborra Kidskin - Champagne
Sheepskin in Taupe
Lambskin Lining in Khaki
Eco-Lux Pebble Grain Calfskin - Bone
Vintage Nubuck Kidskin - Dark Grey
SOLD OUT - Kidskin in Bronze Alloy
Taupe Buffalo Calf
Relaxed Calf Sides in Eggplant
Taborra Kidskin - Pewter
Logan Veg Tanned Calf Skin
Relaxed Calf Skins in Cayenne
Navy Kidskin
Waxy Gator Print on Calf - Black
Patent Scorpio Calfskin - Red
Buffalo Calf in Red
Logan Veg Tan Calfskin in Black
SOLD OUT - Antique Bone Crocodile Print (Cow, Side)
Floral Cow Sides in Antique Brown
Vintage Cherry Nubuck Goat Leather
Vintage Nubuck Kidskin - Black
Taborra Kidskin - Pewter
Logan Veg Tanned Calf Skin
Chestnut Kidskin
White Armonia Calf Sides
Night Life Bag Sides
White Dolly Goatskin
Silver Cochin Goatskin