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Box dimensions 8 x 8 x 48 inches

Ratings & Reviews

10 Reviews

Uh, YES!!!

Tony - | 4/10/2024 11:13 am

Wow! Wow! Wow! There was so much in my mystery box! Without spoiling the surprise, the box was worth at least double the price! So many pieces of leather that are of usable size. All the added extras are awesome and I especially appreciate getting a template too! Will definitely be ordering more mystery boxes!!!

Worth every penny

Heather - | 1/31/2024 10:12 pm

Q1 2024 mystery box. I absolutely love that the exterior and interior of the biker wallet was included. I LOVED the steer grain oil tan that came in this box. It scratches easily but it is STUNNING and I need more of it. The bundle was a nice surprise with some unique pieces - all big enough for plenty of different projects. The ring lizard was a great size for wallets and/or journal cover. The fact that a few stamps and another tool came in this box was excellent, as well. The pattern was a great addition that I really appreciate! The assorted saffiano was a nice light purple in the perfect cut size!! The purse straps were a nice surprise - especially since I needed them. The fabric was high quality and a cool pattern, too. I absolutely loved this box!


Sue - | 1/26/2024 10:16 am

was very happy with this,love the lizard will probably be using some of that for earrings, was already thinking of making a biker wallet ( wish it had come with instructions) already have holster cut out of the steer grain oil tan, also I can see wallets out of some of the other pieces , very good buy AAAAA+++++

Worth it!

Kristen - | 1/22/2024 8:03 pm

Well worth the money! Wish they did these more often!

Value and Variety - 2024 $100 Box

MSBW - | 1/17/2024 8:00 pm

A very nice assortment of leathers, tools, and sundries. Great stuff for expanding your skillset or experimenting, for beginners and experienced crafters alike, at a great value.

Do you want remnants, hardware, and a bit of leather? - 2023 $100 Box

Neal - | 6/28/2023 8:16 pm

Ok so first of all I LOVE springfields deals. Just not this one.i ordered 2 and they were both the same. I liked the leather I received but half the value in this box was from hardware and a 1lb bag of all black Lizard remnants. I am ALL for fun colors and surprises in bundles. I'm not all for remnants and hardware unless I know that's what I'm ordering. Also both my packing slips said black embossed gator and both had black embossed ostrich. Not a bit deal but curious if it was a mistake or a choice?

Awesome stuff! -2023 $100 Box

Melody - | 3/30/2023 4:58 pm

I'm new to leather crafting. Bought this box because buying supply can be overwhelming. It was so weird because I got several items that I had wished I had purchased when I made a trip to their store. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for all the neat stuff!

Disappointed - 2023 $100 Box

Steve - | 3/27/2023 4:57 pm

Unless you have $100 to gamble with do not buy this. It's not "well worth the money". You will get $100+ in leather but whether it is useful to you is the gamble. For me it was not. I will try and find a use for some of it but I got a 14 sq ft piece of embossed shark in poop brown that I'm not sure yet what to do with. Also a message to whom ever puts these together, don't put garbage leather in them, I got a sq ft of python with bright orange circles marking defects, a piece of fish tail and a half sq ft of D grade 6-7 oz veg tan. Now all that negative crap out of the way I have to say SLC customer service is top notch and 2nd to none, also out of my past +/- 30 orders this is the only negative review I have written. I hope someone finds all of my ranting helpful. lol

Good buy for some unusual pieces. - 2023 $100 Box

Eric - | 3/19/2023 5:27 pm

Just a followup on the last review. I have found use for the bridle leather...very nice for straps. I also have plans for the elephant print hippo piece. I still haven't a clue about the ostrich crust or python wallet back...probably will try a wallet at some point. The red vinyl / bonded leather and the aqua upholstery piece will be useful for amp skins or maybe some masks or bags. So, even though much of what I got I would not have selected, I am finding uses for it. My only real complaint is that the kid skin was pretty stained and discolored. I'll get some use out of it for liner material. But, it is a shame because the skin is a nice one otherwise...the grain would look great if not for the stains. All in all a good deal for what you get if you don't mind the odds n' ends.

So excited!! - 2022 $100 Box

justin - | 9/17/2022 9:07 pm

So excited about this one!! I got some great stuff in the last $100 box, so worth it!!