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Welcome friends! If you’ve ever been incarcerated or have a friend or family member that’s incarcerated in a state or federal correctional facility with craft shop privileges, or if you work in one… you’ve probably heard the name “Springfield” mentioned more than once, and for good reason!

Springfield Leather is one of the leading providers of leather and leather craft supplies to correctional institutions across the country, and here’s why…

Our inmate customers are more to us than just a number! We offer personalized service and treat them, no matter who or where they are, the way we want to be treated. Every inmate customer gets a letter from one of us (if their facility permits it), addressing him or her by name, included in their order. We talk about the weather, what’s happening around the store, new stuff we got in, what Kevin or Rusty might be up to, even what the dumb dogs are doing! And when an issue arises (as will no doubt happen in the leather world), and if we know about it, we will go above and beyond to work with our customers to rectify the situation, and we always try to give the benefit of the doubt.

We’ll happily communicate and work with correctional officers, supervisors, and even friends and families of inmate customers (if their particular facility allows). So, if a family member or friend is incarcerated in a facility that has craft shop privileges, we’re more than happy to talk to you and provide a catalog that is designed with the needs of inmates in mind.

We’re currently providing supplies to over 300 state and federal correctional facilities (including roughly 15,000 individual inmate customers) across the country! We have more flexibility than anyone in the leather business! We can even customize our products and packaging! We work with state and federal facilities, as well as individual inmate customers, to ensure that we are providing the supplies that they want and need while keeping in compliance with the strict guidelines that the facilities have in place.

What also sets us apart from other suppliers is that we offer a “Pass Through” service for inmates in State Correctional Facilities*. Believe it or not, if a person is locked up, they can’t just pop on over to Walmart to buy a good toothbrush if they want one (who knew?!). So, we’re willing to provide inmate customers a lot of items that we, on the outside, take for granted. For example, we can provide a hair dryer for setting cement and leather dyes. We simply drive to the store, buy one, and mark it up 35% (for our time and effort) and as long as the item is permitted by the facility, we can ship it in. We’ve also had family members send us items they’ve purchased to be sent to their loved ones. If that item is listed on their order and has been approved by their craft shop supervisor, we can ship that in too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Plus, we supply merchandise from a whole host of vendors, so inmates can order everything they need from us, which could save them money on separate shipping costs!

We’re literally a one stop shop!

We take great pride in understanding the needs of individuals that are incarcerated, and at the same time trying to learn a trade, or provide some sort of income for either their families, or themselves through leather work. So, we do our very best to educate our customers and provide them with the supplies they need at the lowest possible prices!

At the end of the day, we really, really want our customers to be successful, while they’re incarcerated and after they’re released. We want them to continue moving forward with the leather craft trade and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we possibly can to help them along… so, for those who get out, they’ll get the same pricing as they did while they were in… for life! So, if you’re an ex-inmate customer, give us a holler and we’ll fix you right up! And just so ya know, we also extend inmate pricing to state and federal corrections officers, supervisor, coordinators, etc.!

So there ya have it… nobody knows more about supplying leather and leather craft supplies to correctional institutions than Springfield Leather! That’s why we’re their vendor of choice!

- Darcie

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