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It feels good to be successful. At least, we think so. Sometimes, we're even able to make it happen for ourselves. What feels even better is making our customers successful, whether it’s learning a new skill or finding inspiration for a new product.

Our pattern packs and kits provide the materials and knowledge you need to make your own personalized leather goods. Our kits include assembly instructions and pre-cut leather pieces. Pattern packs include assembly instructions, patterns, and materials and tools list. With both kits and pattern packs, we walk you through the process of creation, step-by-step. Products are offered for a range of leathercraft experience, from beginner to advanced--look for the “StartRite” label for beginning leatherwork, and the “Advanced Design” for experienced leathercrafters!

We’ve been making these educational videos to share our wellspring of wondrous leather knowledge and expertise (brought to you by the prestigious video production company, Stupid Dog Productions). We hope you’ll find something here that you didn’t know before or maybe sparks your creativity.

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As we said before our hope is help you become successfull, so we have made a few guides to facilitate that!Just click a guide below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our revamped FAQ page is chock full of useful information about ways to to work with SLC. We'll show you how to order by the square foot, place an international order and even give you some helpful tips on using a leather punch.

If you still don't see what you're looking for, call us toll free at 1-800-668-8518, email us, or message us on Facebook with questions. Of course, you can comment on the video itself with more specific questions. Don't see anything pertaining to a specific project? Ask Kevin and the gang on this website.

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