Renia 3D Embossing Filler

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Type: 3D Embossing Filler
Size: 11oz.
Materials: Leather Dust, Cork Granules, and Rubber Cement Binder.
Uses: Used for creating 3D effect when tooling, molding, and embossing leather.

Notes: HIGHLY flammable, use in well ventilated area. Wear gloves while handling. Toxic to aquatic life. Read instructions carefully before use.

The MSDS is available on our website HERE

3D Embossing Filler

Renia’s 3D Embossing filler is pretty much everything you could ask for in a filler. Developed exclusively for leather modeling, this mixture of very fine leather dust (flour) and cork granules doesn’t contain as much glue in the binder as other Renia fillers, resulting in a dryer compound, ensuring that it perfectly fits the cavities you want to fill, and has faster drying time! This compound is remarkably moldable! And is excellent as a pure filling, as it creates a stable cushion that has the perfect temper for molding!

Renia 3D Embossing Filler saves you valuable time and money since no extra products needed to mix or measure, plus you can always be sure you have the perfect amount of filler, without having to make more or waste leftovers! Since there’s no experience needed for mixing, this product is great for beginners!

To use: Coat the back side of leather with rubber cement, let it dry. Grab some of the pre-mixed putty and apply to your embossing section, making sure it’s packed well, and smoothed out to ensure a strong, secure bond. Let Dry. 1-2 hours for layers up to 1 cm or 3/8”, or overnight if thicker. Can use heat to accelerate drying time (use caution). Mold to your hearts content!
* Flammable, use in a well-ventilated area!
*This product should be stirred before use.
*Can be bonded with all Renia adhesives when dry.
*Can be thinned with rubber cement.
*Shelf life of at least 12 months.

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