Craftmaster 3mm Pricking Iron

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Craftmaster 3mm Pricking Iron

3mm Pricking Iron. Available in 2, 5, and 10 prongs, or the 3-Piece Set.
Overall Width (approx.) : 2 prong - 12mm (close to 1/2"), 5 prong - 19mm (close to 3/4"), 10 prong - 34mm (close to 1-3/8")
Overall Length (approx) : 95mm (close to 3-3/4")
Tooth Width: 3mm at the base tapering to 1.9mm at top
Tooth Thickness: 1.4mm at the base tapering to 0.5mm at the tip.
Material: High Strength Steel
Finish: Smooth Brushed Steel
SPI: 9 - Works well for Wallets and Journals
Stitch Length: 3mm (from center hole to center hole)

New to our line of Craftmaster Tools! Sleek, lightweight, and affordable, our Pricking Irons pack one heck of a punch (haha) and are sure to be a toolbox staple for all you hand-stitchers out there!!! Available in 4 sizes (2.7mm, 3mm, 3.38mm, and 3.85mm); each size offering 2, 5, and 10 prong single tool options, as well as 3-Piece Sets. Or you could really splurge, and get yourself a 12-Piece Set, which includes our entire collection of 3-piece sets! Pricking Irons are the traditional tools used in creating the most beautiful hand-stitching you will ever see. Unlike stitching or lacing chisels, Pricking Irons aren’t designed to go through the entire thickness of heavy leather you’re working with, they’re only meant to ‘prick’ the leather (as the name suggests) in order to mark the holes you’ll be piercing with a stitching awl. Anymore though, the prongs on the newer, more ‘modern’ pricking chisels aren’t as thick as they used to be on older tools so you can use these to penetrate completely through as recommended up to 6-7 oz leathers. Pricking Irons are almost always a one-time purchase, and generally last a lifetime with proper use and care. We are very excited to provide you a high quality tool at a valuable price!

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