Bridle Double Shoulders

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Retail: $7.49
Wholesale: $6.99


Bridle Double Shoulders

Type: Cow
Cut: Double Shoulder
Sold By: Per Square Foot of Surface Area
Thickness: 9 to 10 oz (3.6 to 4 mm)
Average Size: 10 to 15 Square Feet
Tannage: Vegetable

NEW!!! Veg Bridle Double Shoulders. 6.99 ft!!!!
These are without a doubt the most beautiful selection of bridle leathers that I have ever seen in my whole entire life!!!! (and I’m sort of old). Available in Black, Coffee, Chestnut, and Russet. Now, the black is great, and so is the coffee, but the chestnut and russet are almost too glorious for words!!! And to make things even better, they are struck thru, straight veg tanned double shoulders, which means they’d be great for belts, holsters, sheaths and tack. And as if it couldn’t get any better, they’re only $7.49/$6.99 ft!!!! This is a crazy good introductory price! Other companies sell leathers that are similar for up to 10 bucks a foot! They are 9-10 oz, maybe a little heavier occasionally. And on top of that, they’re clean, and avg around 14-15 sq ft, so length is great! I’ve seen a few in the 12-13 ft range, and a few in the 17 to 19 ft range but not many. This is the sort of leather that is very challenging for some of us here at SLC because it’s so nice that you just want to have some even if you don’t have a use for it! ? 118-002 is russet, 118-003 is black, 118-004 is chestnut, and 118-005 is coffee. We’re willing to cut them lengthwise for you, but don’t think you can order 5 sq ft and think that you’ll get a piece that is 12 inches by 60”. Work with us here……

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Live Oak Leather| 11/29/2020 1:23 pm

Purchased a double shoulder in both russet and coffee colors... there are a few minor stretch marks on the russet, but coffee is near perfect. And while both colors are stunning, I have to say that coffee takes the cake. Both have a really nice hand, and (for me) hit that sweet spot between firm and supple. Both are even throughout (as much as I’ve seen in a shoulder) and both are finished beautifully on both sides. I haven’t measured, but what I got certainly looks generous for the square footage listed on my packing slip... like Springfield just may have thrown in a little somethin’ somethin’ extra. Definitely going to be buying more ASAP, just in case this review causes a run on the coffee color!

Awesome stuff for making razor strops

Nick| 4/14/2021 3:03 pm

For a great price and über-high quality, this stuff is GORGEOUS! I originally bought it mainly for razor strop caps and handles, but upon receiving it, I felt it was too good for that alone. This leather’s got a really nice, glossy finish and is super-smooth to the touch. Not to mention how firm, but supple it is. I made a strop out of one piece and was immediately taken aback by the light, slick draw. If you’re looking for a high quality leather to make your own, you can’t go wrong with this stuff!