Buckle Grab Bag

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Buckle Grab Bag

These buckle grab bags consist of a completely random assortment of buckles, in various sizes and styles that we can fit into a 4" x 8" bag.

These Special Purchase Buckle Grab Bags consist of a completely random assortment of buckles, in various sizes and styles, that we can fit into a 4" x 8" zip-lock bag. You could get some heel bar buckles, roller buckles, center bar buckles, and possibly even buckle sets! You're probably thinking that this offer sounds amazing...maybe too amazing, right? And you're thinking alright, so what's the catch? Well it's simple, the catch is that there are NO guarantees. The weight of the bag isn't set, and neither is the number of buckles/buckle sets in the bag. It could possibly contain duplicates, triplicates, even quadruplicates... you get the point. And the content is dependent on available stock. The one thing we CAN guarantee is that these Buckle Grab Bags are an INCREDIBLE VALUE!

They're definitely worth way more than the price you're paying and we think you're going to be quite happy with whatever treasures you find in them!

All Special Purchase items have limited quantities and are subject to availability.

Item # 30-4802

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Stan - | 8/11/2020 11:22 am

If you like making belts then this deal is for you. I got many more buckles than I expected, and they were all great. I've ordered buckle deals from others (in the distant past) and was very disappointed, but not this time. As usual, expect SLC to give you more than you expect. It was so good I ordered more.

Worth it

Katie - | 8/20/2020 11:56 pm

Was very pleased..there was some really nice stuff in there. Ordered 3 more.. Thanks guys

Amazing Value

Chase - | 10/7/2020 5:26 pm

For five dollars I added this grab bag as an afterthought, thinking I may have use for some of the buckles in the future. After getting it in the mail I was very impressed with what I got, and I've already decided to use some of them for one of my current projects. I will absolutely be adding another to my next order.

Good value!

Natalie| 10/18/2020 5:40 pm

High value for $ spent for sure. I ordered 4 packs and got 1 of the gator set. Omg that thing is gaudy rofl I’m sure it makes someone’s heart skip a beat just not mine lol I will he giving it away. The rest, about 75% heavy solid product. I did toss a few large tin weight buckle sets that just didn’t have any practice use given their flimsiness. Got some nice heavy brass every day use in large and medium sizes that will definitely work for me. Some small studies as well. If I valued the small aturdy ones at $1 each, which is probably fair to a bit generous, they’d cost more than I paid for all 4 bags so definitely worth the purchase and the entertainment value lol

Amazing Grab Bag

Michael - | 10/30/2020 1:15 pm

5 dollars for a lot more than 5 dollars worth of buckles and bits. I will be ordering more of these in the future!


Ed| 1/24/2021 6:22 am

REALLY good deal!!! I've ordered twice and both times I've received way more than expected. Total of 4 that I deemed unusable and frail. Putting an order together and going to order these a third time. After all .......You can never have too many buckles!!!!

I got 64 buckles total including a 3 piece set, seriously!

Ciaran| 6/19/2022 8:12 pm

Just buy this, in fact buy two or three. Get the other random hardware bags while you’re at it because I didn’t this time and should have based on what I got in this buckle bag. It seems like a recurring theme is that I should’ve ordered more than what I did of most of the things I got on a whim from SLC because I counted 64 buckles total stuffed into the bag! It seems like whoever packed my order also put some serious thought into it as to what projects could be made with these based on the rest of my order. I can tell it wasn’t just stuffed together at random because they were awesome enough to include a 3 piece buckle set in this grab bag that nicely matches the stamp and some printed suede I also purchased. The other buckles are all a good assortment of sizes and finishes to have in your hardware stash for when you need them. Thank you to whoever took the time to put this together, especially if you thought I wouldn’t notice the buckle set!