Bundle,Regular Leather,45ft

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45 ft minimum! We’ve redesigned this bundle to better serve the needs of crafters that are wanting to earn money with their leather work but find themselves a bit short on funds! 😊 Each bundle will include the following: (footages are approximate)

9-11 sqft of Pony Express oil side, 3 sqft of very upper line printed leather (normally $8-10 per sqft), 3-5 sqft of high quality shiny black kid, (perfect for interiors and pockets), 5-6 sqft of Navajo goat, 5-6 sqft of “accessory print” (leather that I consider perfect for small accessories and pockets), 7-8 sqft of brown tone bag side, and 10-12 sqft or more of good quality stone or neutral Milano bag leather.

Some of the colors and prints will change from bundle to bundle, but the black kid and Navajo will be in each one. These bundles consist of very very good leathers and should enable any crafter to create a decent variety of products for resale or personal use.

All good quality leathers are tanned with various oils and waxes. It’s possible that some of the really good print could have a little wax build up. You might have to buff it in, or use a heat gun or hairdryer to force the wax back into the leather. At the price you’re paying per foot for the leather in this bundle (1.30 to 1.44 per foot) a little buffing shouldn’t be too big of a deal…

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Mark - | 10/2/2020 8:03 am

Pleasantly surprised at the quality, size, and number of pieces included in this bundle. I'm quite new to leather craft so I'm not sure what I will use some of the pieces for but, I'm looking forward to discovering some new ideas for their use. I can see several wallets and maybe a purse for my wife in a few pieces. Excellent value.

Leather Hats

David| 10/8/2018 5:01 pm

Great bundle. I went to Springfield Leather and explained what I was looking for in a bundle. I wanted to make a backpack and some hats. The owner opened a bundle and let me look at it. The leather looked great. I have made 3 Top Hats and two Indiana Jones style hats. I have enough leather to make at least 2 more hats, probably 3. Because the hats were a priority, I will not make the back pack this time. I will have a large thin piece that will be left and will have to get creative on it to use. This is a bargain.