Bundle,Regular Leather,80ft

SKU: 144-935000
Price $99.00
The value of this is pretty insane? It will have no less than 80 ft. (usually more) of everything under the sun in it. From lining leathers to assorted cow and pig leathers of every sort, in all weights and colors. NO RETURNS on this stuff! (Unless it's a refused delivery) Please remember that you're buying leather at a pretty incredible price here! If you're not able to use some colors that aren't so great then don't order this! And don't think that all bundles are the same either, because they're not. If I have 10 sides of several types of leather, and 5 of you from the same unit order bundles, then a few of them might look similar, but the next ones will be different. And it's probably not worth the effort to send me a sample of something that you got in a bundle because you want more of it. I'll try, but it's most likely already gone. (Kind of like the Eagles song, y'know.) Please note! Leather bundles are a mix of assorted leathers. The image shown is an example of what leathers we had on hand at the moment for that particular bundle. These leathers change frequently. There will be no guarantee of colors, thicknesses or weights, and the leathers can and will vary greatly from bundle to bundle. Creativity will be the key! Sold as each. Item # 144-935000.

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A great way to beef up your leather selection

Bryan - | 4/26/2022 11:33 am

This bundle is exactly what it's advertised to be: a bunch of different kinds of leather that can be used for a bunch of different types of projects. Most of what I received was 2-3oz chrome tan in various colors and finishes, and most of the pieces are bigger than I expected. This bundle is a great value, especially if your leather hoard is getting a little thin or you need a little variety in your selection.

Recieved a 80 foot bundle with all 1 oz leather

Dave| 10/9/2020 2:56 pm

Ordered a 80 Ft. bundle that was on sale, thinking I would receive assorted weighs. The footage was very good, it had some very nice colors. my problem, it was all 1 oz. leather. Do not think I will buy another bundle with out knowing what the weigh of the leather I will be receiving.