Craftmaster 3mm Diamond Point Stitching Chisel

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Craftmaster 3mm Diamond Point Stitching Chisel

3mm Diamond Point Stitching Chisel Set. Available in 1, 2, 4, and 6 prongs, or the 4-Piece Set
Overall Width (approximnately) : 1 prong - 8mm (close to 5/16"), 2 prong - 8mm (close to 5/16"), 4 prong - 12mm (close to 1/2"), 6 prong - 18mm (close to 3/4")
Overall Length (approx) : 95mm (close to 3-3/4")
Tooth Length: 10mm
Tooth Thickness: 1.5mm at the bottom, tapering to 0.5mm at the top
Material: High Strength Steel
Finish: Smooth Brushed Steel
SPI: 7 - SPI refers to completed stitches per inch; for example o-o-o-o-o in a 1" space would be 4 complete stitches. Stitch Length: 3mm (from center hole to center hole)

Premium stitching chisels, each crafted from a solid piece of high-strength steel, and polished to a fine, brushed shine and ultra-smooth feel. Each tool is engraved with the size, for quick reference. Though incredibly strong, these high-caliber tools are lightweight and effortless to work with. The prongs are extremely sharp and have been precision tooled for making the perfect rhombus to give your stitches a sleek, professional look, even with heavy-weight leathers!

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Tremendous Value

Ray J| 11/6/2020 2:23 pm

I've used a number of diamond-toothed stitching irons and so far these are the best. The teeth are quite small in comparison to some of the competitor's offerings. I find that to be an advantage as once stitched and hammered, the holes close up nicely. Also, the teeth are polished, making them very easy to remove from thicker leather. I doubt you'll find better for the price.