Craftmaster Push Beveller

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Craftmaster Push Beveller

This handy little doo-dad attaches to your swivel knife and allows you to bevel quickly and safely!


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Completely revolutionized my beveling!

Samantha| 2/18/2022 6:18 pm

This little tiny piece of plastic has made my life SO. MUCH. BETTER. For context, I custom-carve journal covers, which means I need to do A LOT of beveling. This tool can cut 15 minutes of tedious beveling with a stamp and mallet, down to seconds, AND gives a smoother bevel line than I've ever achieved with a stamp. Grab this and an extra swivel knife, install it instead of the cutting blade, and actually enjoy carving again!

Would be great if it was made correctly!

B. J.| 12/4/2017 9:07 am

I had been looking for this little tool for quite a while and was excited to find it here. The bad thing is, it was just a rough cut, unfinished shape without any smoothe edges. Very crude! The good thing is I was able to smoothe, and grind, and file one of them into shape because I have an original one to go by and I have patience! Took me a couple of hours. I suggest you change your sorce for this item or have them shape it and smoothe it correctly!