Equine Saddle Bag Patterns

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Style: Equine Saddle Bags

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Traditional Saddle Bag
Cantle Bag
Pommel Bag
Single Billet Saddle Bag
Medicine Saddle Bag

Equine Saddle Bag Pattern Pack
Are you ready to elevate your riding experience? Well, you’re in luck because we’re rolling out our Equine Saddle Bag Pattern Pack!

This detailed (and quite exceptional) collection was designed entirely by our in-house Master Leather Crafter and Artist, the infamous Mr. Denny Lowe. Denny has over 40 years of experience in saddle making and accoutrements, and a fat ton of experience in all things leather, especially tooling and carving! This man has done it all and to top it off, he was nominated for the 2024 Al Stohlman Award! That’s pretty darn cool! We're super proud of him. We (and y’all, too) are lucky to have him hanging around!

This pack includes five saddlebag patterns that are perfect for all you cowboys and cowgirls out there, working on the range. Each bag is crafted to ensure that you have all your essentials within arm's reach, making your ride and your work more efficient and better yet, more enjoyable. Available in both Digital and Physical formats!

Here’s a quick breakdown of each pattern:

Traditional Saddle Bag: A classic design with a pocket on each side and a two-billet closure, this bag is perfect for carrying your basic necessities.

Cantle Bag: Designed to sit behind the cantle (duh), this bag features a zippered closure, offering secure storage for items you need to keep safe.

Pommel Bag: This bag sits over the saddle horn and includes single billet closures and a string tie-down, providing convenient access to your gear while riding.

Single Billet Saddle Bag: A more compact version of the Traditional Saddle Bag, this design is smaller, has a rounded bottom, and uses a single billet closure, making it ideal for lighter loads.

Medicine Saddle Bag: Tailored for all the folks working on the range, this bag is equipped with specialized pockets to hold everything you need for vaccinating your herd. It features three tube-like pockets that open from the bottom for quick access to medications, a syringe holder pocket, and a pocket to hold your extra needles and such. The other side functions as a regular bag.

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