Heavy Veg Tan Split

SKU: 100-8426
Price $30.00
Wholesale $25.00
Type: Cow
Style: Split
Tannage: Veg Tan
Cut: Side
Sold by: Side
Average Size: 18-24 sqft
Thickness: 4 to 8oz (1.6 to 3.2mm)
Hand: Very Firm

Heavy Veg Tan Split

Sides will tend to run from 18 to 24 square feet. Thickness can run from 4 to 8 oz. Since we split these from sides of various thicknesses, the splits will not always be uniform in thickness. Thickness will differ around the belly, armpits (leg pits) and neck. Usually the bulk of the useable area will be pretty uniform though.

Excellent quality vegetable tanned splits, mostly Hermann Oak but will include some import sides. Hermann Oak is running at capacity, and they have a lot of customers besides little ol’ us! So, to help us meet our demand for Hermann Oak leather, we’re buying it in full weight… and then splitting the sides ourselves on the very same splitter Hermann Oak used to use! (We bought it from them when they got a one!) So, we’ve got some heavy splits hanging around. This may or may not be a regular stock item, as it completely depends on availability.

In case you weren’t aware, veg splits can be wet molded and formed, stamped and tooled, wood burned and branded, dyed, finished, etc.! Can also be used as a stiffener for laminated belts, bags, wallets, and more!

Ratings & Reviews

3 Reviews

Very economical but very ROUGH

James - | 1/10/2024 1:46 pm

Price per hide was reasonable, as in a great price. But be aware both sides I received were very ROUGH on both sides. Lots of dangling leather shreds around the outside, and the top surface will need a lot of work for something like a purse or wallet. For the price, I am not complaining, but be aware that the top surface is as rough as the back. It's BARGAIN leather, do not expect a grade A/B/C. Both sides I received were 8 OZ pretty consistently. Your mileage/experince may vary. It's BARGAIN leather folks, don't expect a miracle.

The Rough Out Leather you need

L'Artiste Sur Mesure| 3/11/2023 11:48 pm

Can use this leather for just about any project you can think of! The split leather is a must buy if you're going for a western rough out saddle, belt, tote bag, apron, shotgun case, laptop bag, backpack and literally anything that needs to be done. Thank you for amazing me with your awesome product and services' SLC. I give this leather 5 stars because the leather is packaged well, smells good and comes out of the box ready to be used in awesome projects. I have been blacksmithing with an apron I made from this leather and so far it has protected me from metal shavings. Not only protects me, but this leather comes with compliments and a lifetime coolness warranty.

Decent for the price

Mark| 8/21/2022 9:58 am

Not too bad for the money. The description is very accurate. Good for odd projects that don't require high quality finished veg tan.