Assorted Sand Upholstery Sides

SKU: KS-2009
Retail $1.10

Type: Cow
Color: Assorted Sand Tones
Cut: Side
Sold By: Per Square Foot
Thickness: 2.5 to 3 oz (1 to 1.2 mm)
Average Size: 22 to 24 square feet
Tannage: Chrome

NOTE: This lot of leather contains many assorted shades, what you get may vary.

Kevin Special #9 - Assorted Sand Upholstery Sides

This is an incredible offer, exclusively from SLC! You won't find a better price for this type of leather anywhere on the market today!!! Very smooth, lightly grained, nice soft feel, pretty consistent 2 ½ oz weight. This stuff comes in assorted shades that all resemble a sandy day at the beach. The Leather is very clean, although there might be a fold that you possibly have to work along or around. It would also be great leather for clean, nice belt linings! Great value here! We’ll cut it for you.

Item # KS-2009

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Great bargain for usable leather

Lewis - | 3/31/2022 8:26 pm

I ordered one to mix with the odd lot oil tan sides for back packs and am so happy I'm ordering 2 more for other stuff

Fantastic bargain for very clean usable skins

Lewis - | 3/25/2022 1:33 pm

What a bargain to grab for linings and actually bag fronts. It's tan and sand but next to any brows or black I have it starts shouting compljments ao it will be used up fast so I might order 2 more and be sure I have plenty before it's gone.