Sandy Beach Upholstery Sides

SKU: KS-2009
Retail: $1.10
Type: Cow
Cut: Side
Sold By: Per Square Foot
Thickness: 2.5 to 3 oz (1 to 1.2 mm)
Average Size: 22 to 24 square feet
Tannage: Chrome
Sandy Beach Upholstery Sides

This is an incredible offer, exclusively from SLC! You won't find a better price for this type of leather anywhere on the market today!!! Very smooth, lightly grained, nice soft feel, pretty consistent 2 ½ oz weight. (Some might call it a light beige, or wheat) I was just thinking of Jamaica when we named it…. This would be a great leather for bags and would be perfect for trimming any shade of brown, green, crème, tan, red, and black leathers. Leather is very clean, although there might be a fold that you could possibly have to work along or around. It would also be great leather for clean, nice belt linings! Great value here! We’ll cut it for you.

Item # KS-2009

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Fantastic bargain for very clean usable skins

Lewis - | 3/25/2022 1:33 pm

What a bargain to grab for linings and actually bag fronts. It's tan and sand but next to any brows or black I have it starts shouting compljments ao it will be used up fast so I might order 2 more and be sure I have plenty before it's gone.

Great bargain for usable leather

Lewis - | 3/31/2022 8:26 pm

I ordered one to mix with the odd lot oil tan sides for back packs and am so happy I'm ordering 2 more for other stuff