Odd Lot #2 Lambskin - Brown

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Odd Lot #2 Lambskin - Brown. Skins average 4-6 sq ft.

Less than perfect for the most part, but still pretty nice over all. Ideal for linings, or garment and upholstery applications. Please note - our odd lot inventory is always changing. Lambskins purchased today might not be exactly the same as lambskins purchased last week. But hey, with prices this low, you're still getting an amazing deal. 

This leather is sold by the square foot, with a minimum order of 4 square feet. Whatever quantity is chosen at checkout will be the square footage received. Example - order quantity 5, receive a 5 square foot skin. We will not cut lambskins. 

Item #22-1380

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Buttery soft, amazing smell!

Maddie L| 9/10/2022 7:45 pm

One of my favorite “grab bag” leathers from SLC! Its beautiful! All were so soft and matching in color. I made one of my favorite leather projects, a backpack, out of 1.5 of them. I have these in various parts of my house because they produce the most incredible and strong leather aromas! Buying more now. Great buy!

Great Buy

Tammy - Laramie Leatherworks| 4/4/2019 4:10 pm

Received today - Using for a re-creation of a historical item. Great look on the grain side if you want a worn appearance; flesh side on skins received are spotless. Great for the price.

Good stuff

Eric| 3/22/2017 11:54 pm

Like described. Some holes and bad parts, but on the whole, great stuff for the price and will line a lot of good products.