Masters All-Purpose Cement Thinner

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Retail $30.00 to $46.20
Wholesale $25.90 to $44.73
Type: Thinner
Style: All-Purpose
Notes:EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE (vapors may cause flash fire), Use Only In Well Ventilated Area

Masters All-Purpose Cement Thinner

Masters brand All-Purpose Thinner is exactly what it sounds like: a thinner for Masters contact cement! As you may or may not know, contact cement can gloop and glob up after a while. Don't worry, though, because you're a smart leatherworker and have thinner to help get that cement back to good-as-

This stuff is SUPER flammable, and we do mean SUPER. Keep any and all sources of flames AWAY from the area when this can is open and in use! The vapors can cause flash fires, so be extremely careful, and only use it in a well ventilated area!

A couple of pro tips to get you started:
This product can be used to clean excess adhesives from your work area, helping to keep things clean and making sure you don't end up in a sticky situation! It can also be used to clean glue from brushes!
If you REALLY wanna be in the Pro Leagues...start with our awesome All Purpose Glue Eraser to remove the chunks, then use the thinner to get down to the nitty gritty. Added bonus, it's also handy for excess glue on your projects!

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