Random Belt Strip Bag - 5 Pack

SKU: 144-88840
Retail $20.00


Generated from shop manufacturing. Random mix of  5 belt strips. Strips will be 45”-55” long.

Item # 144-8884013

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not as good as they once was

Chris - | 11/6/2022 12:19 pm

There were a good value at one time but the last two I got were absolute junk. All the previous ones were usable to some extent but these last ones were straight out of the scrap box, and thats where they went back to. Plus they went up 1.50

Good Value

Terry| 7/23/2022 1:21 pm

I think of it this way. If I get one good belt for the price, Ya happy. Why? You're buying one belt for about what they charge you for 1 at the website. Then throwing a bunch of stuff you can use to your belts content. Am I going to get 15 items I can make into 15 belts? NO of course not, what are you thinking? Purchased 3. I still debating, in my head, what to do. Please note some of what I received are Strips not belts. Basically, the cut you make to straighten out the hide to make belts. Thus, one end of it 3/4 of inch and the other 4 1/2 " and or 1/2" - 1" - 3/4" a wave the entire 55" length. Out of the 15 items 7 look like belts. Note, some nicer will never be 45". Well not unless I soak them in water, tie one end to my truck, other to a tree, and starter up. Those do make nice kids belts. I got one extremely nice 55" bridle strap. I not a big belt maker; So, I still trying to figure it out what to do with it all. Will I purchase it again? Yes, no, Maybe so. Maybe.

Buy them why you can

Jeff - | 12/20/2021 11:15 pm

Great item.....I ordered two and found them so good I came back for more

Great buy

Charity| 12/4/2017 10:03 pm

I use these to make leather cuffs. I get great, quality pieces of leather in a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses. I'm glad to not have to drive around town to thrift stores looking for belts to use each week. So far each bag I've received has exceeded my expectations.