Renia Aquilim 315 Contact Cement

Price $15.00 to $115.00
Wholesale $12.00 to $115.00
Type: Adhesive
Style: Cement
Base: Water
Notes: Non-Flammable, Do Not Freeze

Renia Aquilim 315 Contact Cement

Aquilim 315 is a water-based contact adhesive and can be used for almost any leather project. The bonding strength is incredible and is comparable to solvent-based adhesives. It is manufactured in German and has been used for many years in the shoe making industry. You could say that this stuff is a STEP UP from what you've probably used before!

You can trust that this stuff will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Added bonus: while having the strength to hold...doesn't have the smell to make you run out of the room! It goes on white and dries clear. It has a working time of 2-3 minutes and fully dries in less than 15 minutes. And you don't have to worry about getting glue on your finished edges, just grab some water and wipe it away!

This stuff is FANTASTIC for veg tans! Just thinly spread the glue on the flesh side of the leather, wait for it to clear, then slap the two pieces together...and voila! IF you are placing it on the grain side, just rough it up a bit before applying the glue.

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Great easily to control cement

Michael| 12/29/2023 12:08 pm

Terrific cement. Easy to control where it goes, when set the bond is secure. I have been using this ever since getting it and have grown to trust the bond produced.

First-time user loves Aquilim

Paul S| 9/15/2023 10:07 am

Although I have been doing leather work for years, I had never used a water-based adhesive until I tried the Aquilim. I have always used contact cement but now I'm only using Aquilim. Thank you SLC for always having the right products.

Great glue!

Melody| 7/27/2023 6:22 am

I bought this because of another review. I absolutely love it. Works extremely well and there is no smell. Which is awesome because other glues give me a head ache and stick up my whole studio.

The ONLY adhesive I will ever buy

Kristine| 2/20/2023 7:16 am

Like most people that have done this for a while, I’ve tried just about every type of adhesive on the market. Some of the waterbased types are okayish, but I wouldn’t have recommended a specific brand. 6 months ago, my top recommendation would have Barge’s cement. Except the smell gives me instant migraines. I saw Liz talking about this on YouTube (FB? maybe), and decided to give it try too.I’ll be honest here. I was pretty skeptical. Until I used it. If you’re looking for an adhesive that works just as well as the solvent based types, then look no further. No more spiderweb strings, no frustrating spreading it out, NO ODOR. Other than double sided tape, this is the ONLY adhesive I will ever buy.